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2008 WSOP

2008 World Series of Poker
AKA "the Wizzard"

My first time entering a poker tournament was Event 12 at the 2008 World Series of Poker. With a little luck I finished 22nd and won $6727.00. When it got down to the last 3 tables I froze. I guess the reality of beating the likes of Tom Schneider, the 2007 Limit Winner and almost 900 players was a little to much. I don't get to play much, but I really enjoy it when I do.


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Bio: Dean S. Oshiro I'm sure there are things more dramatic I forgot.


I grew up poor, so as a kid I gave my paper route money to my mom. She and my grandmother set an example of hard work, I have washed dishes, bused tables, cooked, office clerk, rate clerk, rate auditor, traffic manager, PUC and ICC practitioner, VP (trucking) , VP of Traffic (trucking), owner of several truck lines, residential and commercial landscape and irrigation business, ceramic coating buz, retail auto parts sales and web based internet sales. Retired from the rat race of owing your own business in 2011, but I could see my health deteriorating, so I work part time at the ceramic coating buz I started in '89 and "handyman/carpenter work" and construction.


I can not begin to count the number of bikes, motorcycles, cars, trucks, race cars, trailers and boats I have owned, built or sold. I must have inherited the oil in my blood from my dad. There are things you don't forget, like taking apart your first watch, the torque of a big block doing a burn out, drifting in a corner under control, going over 90mph on water and rolling a car 275 feet.


Everybody should be so lucky. I would not trade the years before I was 21 for anything. They were always tough, but living life on the edge is what I am. I was lucky enough that I never had to study much and can you believe I never wrote a term paper in school or home work. If kids did the things we did they would either be dead or in jail.

Coast Guard

I was lucky enough to be in the Coast Guard Reserves during the middle of the Vietnam War. Dick McPherson's mom "made" us sign up for all the reserves when where were sophomores in high school. By the time we were senior we had our choice. We choose the Coast Guard thinking it would be the safest place to be. Unless you have been in the military you do not know the culture of people from different parts of the USA. The term "You are a product of your environment" could never be more true.


By reading this I would hope that someone benefits and values family life differently. I have since learned that money and success should be second to your family and friends.


A Friend is someone that helps you through the hard times.


A hobby is what you enjoy when you are not working. Anything related to cars I enjoy.


Everything from being unconscious from hitting my head on the curb in a bike accident,rolling a car 275 feet, appendix bursting, heart attach, cancer and cutting my finger off. You can not put a value on your health. Well almost it cost me $15-18k/month to fight Lymphoma. If it wasn't for finiancial aid I would not be here. Keeping active has help me over come alot of health issues. I feel the best I have in 15 years.

"You are only remembered for the worst thing you do." ©
Dean Shigeo Oshiro 1994

"You're only known for the worst thing you do."©
Dean Shigeo Oshiro 1978

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