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Ron Ball

Ron Ball and I have know each other since grade school. I don't remember his story, but I use to get in trouble a lot. Thanks Ron for the memrories.

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Memories of Dean S. Oshiro by Ron Ball

Dean, I'm not sure if this is the kind of story you're looking for or not.  I'm sure your memory is better than mine.  I have memory problems from an auto injury back in the early nineties, but here is something I do remember.   We were in 5th grade at Lynchwood in Mr. Erickson's class.  We were at recess and playing touch football in front of the classroom.  You and I were on opposing teams and you were my man.  Apparently, you didn't understand the concept at all because after two downs in which I had blocked you, you got mad and said, "if you block me again I'm going to punch you." I thought you were kidding and blocked you again on the third down and you hauled off and hit me in the eye.  That ended the game and we got into trouble with Mr. Erickson.  Later that afternoon after school, I was home doing my homework and David Rupert came by the house.  He walks in the living room and says, "Dean is down by his house waiting for you so you guys can finish the fight."  My mother heard that and came out of the kitchen and asks David what he's talking about.  David tells my mother the whole story which explains my red eye  I had just finished lying about before he got there.  Anyway, my mother told David there was to be no fight and if she heard anymore about it she would call David's mother and your mother.  I caught hell and was grounded for fighting and lying.  As well as I can remember the whole thing was forgotten the next day and we went on living the lives of children who had nothing more to worry us than the occasional threat of nuclear war. Those were the days!    I'm sorry I don't remember something more illustrative, but I'm old now and kinda shot in the ass.  Sometimes I will remember things when others refresh my memory a bit. Stay in touch,

May 2010

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