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Welcome to the Technical Questions and Information Section. Please use the helpful links in the header and side bar to navigate throughout the site.


Ackerman Steering all about how steering arms, front steer, rear steer and why it is so important.

Blog: "Coming Soon" Automotive related blog. You will be required to register. We have to option to delete any postings. If your posting is deleted you will be banded from the web site.

Brake Article© Originally written in 1994 this article has been read, copied and counterfeited more than any other Automotive article. Read it from the person that wrote it and educate yourself by taking the time to understand your brake system. this will be one of the most important articles you will read. It may save someone's life someday. After reading this you will know more than any salesman you will talk to.

Brake Booster: How to select and how they work.

Brake Booster Test will help you diagnose

Brake Kits: What is included in a Brake Kit.

Bump Steering explains what happens when you do not have your steering suspension set up correctly. It also explains how to correct it.

Calipers: Explains floating and fixed calipers and how they are made.

Car Pictures: Pictures of cars, trucks, boats or anything with a wheel. New and existing customers may submit pictures of your car and we will add it to the gallery.

Classified Ads: "Coming Soon" Automotive related free classified ads.

Coil Over Shocks: How to measure for the correct length and order the correct spring rate. Formulas for spring rate and vertical ride height. You will not find this anywhere.

Distribution Blocks and Combination Valves: What they do and how they work.

DOT Approved: What DOT means what parts are certified DOT Approved.

Dual Master Cylinders and how they work without the assistance of a power booster. These MC's have an output pressure of 1,400 psi. All vehicles with less than 18 inches of vacuum should switch to this system.

Email Service: "Coming Soon" Custom Email service. Now you can have a custom email that describes you or your car.

Engine and Pinion Angle how to determine the correct angle when doing an engine swap.

FAQ Brake Question answer the most frequently asked brake question.

FAQ Suspension: "Coming Soon"

Leaf Spring Modification: Simple way to modify your existing leaf spring suspension without putting 4 link in. Uses the QA1's for full adjustment.

Master Cylinders: Different types and how to calculate volume requirements.

Pedal Ratio Formula how to calculate and why you have a hard pedal.

No Vacuum often happens when you have a big cam.

Residual Valves how this valve work and why you may need one.

Ride Height: Why you need to know how to set your ride height when installing or changing suspension parts.

Rotors: Explains the different types of rotors, how they are made and the advantages of a two (2) piece rotor.

Stuff I use to build and old pictures of the retail store and shop see the right hand column. I don't build'em any more, but can sell you anything you need to finish your project.

Vacuum relates to engine vacuum and how much is required to effectively operate your brake booster.

Zero Offset Brake Kits by Parts City USA keeps the wheels at stock location. Now you can use the same wheels at the same offset as the stock location.

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